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Business Presentation 50 kb 920
Objective Before you start to prepare a presentation, you should ask yourself: "Why am I making this presentation?" Do you need to inform, to persuade, to train or to sell? Your objective should be clear in your mind. If it is not clear in your mind, it cannot possibly be clear to your audience.
How to represent Victorian worlds in literature 12 kb 21
As regards the narrative masterpieces written in this period one could refer to such works as: Great Expectations, Vanity Fair, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Middlemarch, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, The Ambassadors, Lord Jim and so on. We may ask ourselves why this unprecedented flouris
Aller anfang ist schwer 7 kb 469
Wie grüben wir auf deutsch? Cum salutam noi in germana? Wir sagen: Guten morgen , guten tag , guten abend , gute nacht. Noi spunem:Buna dimineata , buna ziua , buna seara , noapte buna. Sehr gut!Fräulein Ionescu , bitte kommen sie jetzt an die tafel und schreiben sie ei
Allergies: What They Are 9 kb 583
While both colds and certain allergies may share common symptoms, a cold is caused by a virus and an allergy is triggered by an allergen. Many people who suffer from allergic rhinitis ("Hay Fever") think they have colds, when in fact substances in their environments are to blame. Allergic rh
Allergies 8 kb 551
Others are so incredibly allergic that merely taking an aspirin or getting stung by a bee can trigger a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction (see "Anaphylaxis: the most serious allergic reaction" below). How can I tell if it's a cold or an allergy? While both colds and certain
General presentation of Romania 8 kb 15
Romania SOME FACTS Romania is a South-Eastern country of Europe, with a population of almost 23,000,000 and an area of 237,500 square kilometers. The capital of Romania is Bucharest , one of the most beautiful cities in the country, situated in the South part of
On what represent natural numbers 6 kb 183
ON WHAT REPRESENT NATURAL NUMBERS What is a number? Consider, for instance, some examples of natural numbers. What represents “0”? A totality? No, at all, rather the absence of an element or multiplicity. What represents “1”? A totality? Usually, no, not even a multiplicit
Reflection on the content and the reference of the Idea of Representation 7 kb 242
Thus one question legitimaly arises: how can beyond of these debates? Our believe is that what completely misses in Cognitive Science is an abstract theory of representation by means of wich it is possible to go beyond of these debates"(Vacariu et al. 2001, 290). "Authors like Mundy, Swoyer,
Towards a very idea of Representation 7 kb 230
Towards a very Idea of Representation Review of Vacariu et al.'s Toward a very idea of representation ..."the debates in Cognitive Science focus on the problem of representation. Unfortunately, these debates regard either representational format(as in the computationalism-connectionism
Conjugarea verbului - etre 8 kb 9179
ETRE LE MODE INDICATIF( MODUL INDICATIV) Le present (prezentul) Je suis -Eu sunt Tu es -Tu esti Il (elle) est -El (ea) este Nous sommes -Noi suntem Vous etes -Voi sunteti Ils (elles) sont -Ei sunt L’imparfait (imperfectul) J’etais -Eu eram
Diatezele verbului 11 kb 4157
DIATEZELE VERBULUI A.Moduri predicative si personale. I. Indicativ-actiunea e considerata reala. Diateza activa Diateza reflexiva Diateza pasiva 1.Timpul prezent eu cert eu ma/imi cert eu sunt certat,-a tu certi tu te/iti certi tu esti certat,-a el cearta el se/isi ceart