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Mobile phone 2708 kb 1858
Mobile phones are very practical. Anyone can contact you almost everywhere at any time, and you can contact anyone at any time. But is this only positive? What if you do not want to talk to the person who calls? Well there is an “off”-button on your phone! And what if you are expecting a
The internet 5 kb 3988
The internet impact on society will have the following functions and effects: • The Internet is a set of features desired by different communities of researchers and especially useful open exchange of data numbered parcels posted through electronic transfer of data files and running (and
Jackie Chan 48 kb 3977
For ten years, Chan studied dance, martial arts, music, and acrobatics in an atmosphere of extreme discipline, acquiring skills that he would later adapt for his performances in films.During the early 1970s Chan worked as a stuntman and fight choreographer in Hong Kong's expanding film industry, whi
Dinner with a famous person 12 kb 1330
Thus, this being said, if i could meet three famous persons they would probably be Mitch Hedberg (deceased comedian), Audrey Tautou (actress) and, last but not least, Neil Armstrong (retired astronaut). I choose these persons minding they're achievements, my interests and likes and, of course, curio
Hollywood 2513 kb 1
Referat despre Hollywood Hollywood is much too colossal to be contained within a section of the City of Angels. It is spread across the nation and around the world. Hollywood taught girls and boys, gangsters and decent folk, how to walk and talk and dress. It rescued us from the rigors of the Dep
Lady Diana Spencer 320 kb 14
An iconic presence on the world-stage, Diana, Princess of Wales was noted for her pioneering charity work. Yet her philanthropic endeavours were overshadowed by her scandal-plagued marriage to Prince Charles. Her bitter accusations via friends and biographers of adultery, mental cruelty and emotiona
Globalisation 22 kb 21
There has always been a sharing of goods, services, knowledge and cultures between people and countries, but in recent years improved technologies and a reduction of barriers means the speed of exchange is much faster. Globalisation provides opportunities and challenges. Bigger markets can m
The Ford Motor Company 208 kb 19
Ford has also been one of the world's ten largest corporations by revenue and in 1999 ranked as one of the world's most profitable corporations. In recent years, it has not fared as well and since 1995 has lost market share in the U.S. for eleven years in a row. In December 2006 the company announce
Jurassik Park 51 kb 2160
He was born on December 12-th 1946 in Cincinatti SUA . One famous movie that surround the world and gave strong emotion when people watched it was:Jurassic Park.This movie is special because two reasons: First because it seem very real,the animal(dinosaurs) are real,reality interw
Verbe si exemple 7 kb 3515
To eat: He is eating now She isn’eating she’s brakefast in this moment. What are you eating now? Aren’t you eating now? To see: I’m see you now In this moment she is not seeing him What area you see now? Aren’t you see your mather now? To
The godfather 241 kb 17
The godfather is my favorite movie. The story begins in New York called in that time Little Italy. The Corleone family arrives there from Sicily and starts to have influence in that area, but other families from Italy came there too so a big war started. This war wasn’t a real
Alfred Krupp 13 kb 256
Overview Friedrich Krupp (1787 – 1826) launched the family's metal-based activities, building a small steel-foundry in Essen in 1811. His son, Alfred (1812 – 1887), known as "the Cannon King" or as "Alfred the Great", invested heavily in new technology to become a significant manu
Alcatraz 31 kb 1238
Alcatraz over time, the name was Anglicized to Alcatraz. While the exact meaning is still debated, Alcatraz is usually defined as meaning "pelican" or "strange bird." Alcatraz in 1850, a presidential order set aside the island for possible use as a United States military reservation. The Cali
2 Pac 46 kb 1666
When Tupac was 12 years old, his mother enrolled him in Harlems 127thSt Ensemble. He played Travis in "A Raisin inThe Sun" in his first acting role.While he was with Digital Underground, someone once shoved a 12 gauge shotgun in Tupac's face because of a dispute over a woman at a Martin Luther King
Beyonce 260 kb 5781
Beyonce born in Houston in the fall of 1981, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles started performing at age seven. From dance classes to singing in the church choir, Knowles was a natural. She and cousin Kelly Rowland met Latavia Roberson during this time, and the trio formed a group with Letoya Luckett.
Robin Hood and the Black Cloak 71 kb 1713
Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - People loved him and thought of him as a justice-maker. In time he acquired a heroic reputation and came to represent the ideal of heroism of his age. Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - Stories about him and his closest friends Friar Tuck, Little John, and Maid
Robin Hood and the Black Cloak 71 kb 1501
Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - People loved him and thought of him as a justice-maker. In time he acquired a heroic reputation and came to represent the ideal of heroism of his age.Robin Hood and the Black Cloak Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - Stories about him and his closest friends Fria
My favourite actor-Mel Gibson 44 kb 7699
My favourite actor-Mel Gibson was born on 3 January 1956 in Peekskill, New York, USA, in a Catolic Irish family. He is 50 years old (but he doesn’t look like). His real name is Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson. In 1968 he moved to Australia with his family. There, he studied at the National
Humour 6 kb 1347
Humour:Although humor is a quality which all people share, the extent to which an individual will personally find something humorous depends on a host of absolute and relative variables. If this was untrue, everyone would find the same jokes as laughable, the same movies as comical and so forth, so
Stonehenge 13 kb 1090
Stonehenge - Investigations over the last 100 years have say that Stonehenge was built in several stages from 2800 - 1800 BC. It seems to have been designed to allow it’s builders to observ the astronomical phenomena - summer and winter solstices, eclipses, and more. Stonehenge - The le