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The spanish tragedy - plot 8 kb 5
Andrea returns to the scene of the battle where he died, to find that the Spanish have won. Balthazar was taken prisoner shortly after Andrea's death, by the Andrea's good friend Horatio, son of Hieronimo, the Knight Marshal of Spain. But a dispute ensues between Horatio and Lorenzo, the son of the
Easter in Romania 131 kb 18
The last week from the Great Lent is called the Holy Week, and it begins with the Palm Sunday, which in Romania is known as "Floriile", when girls with the name of Florina usually celebrate this day as their name day. The Holy Week also includes the Maundy Thursday (in Romanian is called "joia patim
Rationalism versus empiricism 26 kb 16
Rationalists generally develop their view in two ways. First, they argue that there are cases where the content of our concepts or knowledge outstrips the information that sense experience can provide. Second, they constuct accounts of how reason in some form or other provides that additional inform
Advertising 790 kb 14
The task of marketing research is to provide management with relevant, accurate, reliable, valid, and current information. Competitive marketing environment and the ever-increasing costs attributed to poor decision making require that marketing research provide sound information. Sound decisions are
Do you think a disability of some kind makes a person more determined to succeed? 5 kb 156
Give arguments to support your ideas. In our society, normal people tend to treat the ones with disabilities with despise and mistrust, thinking they will never manage to succeed. There is a small number of jobs allocated to those who have a handicap and this way the chance to obtain a su
Poeme de dragoste din literatura engleza 14 kb 169
I Lost A World by Emily Dickinson I lost a world the other day. Has anybody found? You?ll know it by the row of stars Around its forehead bound. A rich man might not notice it; Yet to my frugal eye Of more esteem than ducats. Oh, find it, Sir, for me! Maybe by Carl Sandburg Maybe he be
Racism 8 kb 140
Although the term racism usually means race-based prejudice, violence, discrimination, or oppression, the term can also have other definitions. Racialism is a related term, sometimes intended to avoid these negative meanings. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, racism is a "belief or ideolog
Roger Ebert - Malignant society 7 kb 19
According to the reactions Ebert received on his Journal in the Chicago Sun-Times, many of his followers agree with the claims he makes. He begins his editorial with the comparison between the film critic and the canary in the coal mine delivering a message of fury at the descent of the society into
Holidays in Great Britain 18 kb 9
Referat despre Holidays in Great Britain Central streets are beautifully decorated. Before Christmas, groups of singers go from house to house. They collect money for charity and sing carols, traditional Christmas songs. The fun starts the night before, on the 24th of December. Children h
Drugs should not be legalized 14 kb 513
The anti-legalization message is effective when communicated by representatives of the Federal Government, but takes on even more credibility when it comes from those in the community who can put the legalization debate in local perspective (Internet). After learning about the issues regardi
Joys of winter 13 kb 989
The villages and cities are dreaming under the snow blanket. At the door of every house there are silver bells, of a marvellous splendour. The firs aren't missing from any house, they are nice adorned with sparkling tinsel. But next to my house there is a house with no light and a child it's
Essay - 10 features that make English people different 13 kb 393
Take-away meals are very popular and most towns have a selection of Indian, Italian, Chinese and Greek Restaurants. You will also find Mcdonalds, Burger King and Subway. Fish and chips is the classic English take-away food and is the traditional national food of England. It became popular in the 186
Informatia juridica 14 kb 233
Informatica juridica are particularitati care o disting de celelalte tehnici facand din ea un instrument original de schimbare. Materia sa prima este informatia juridica; ea reprezinta celula fundamentala a intregului sistem juridic; de aceea, prin prelucrarea informatiei juridice, ea are o puternic
What is friendship 13 kb 1515
The dictionary defines friendship as "the state of being a friend". What is a friend? According to the same dictionary, friend is defined as "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard". This means friendship is being attached to another person by affection and personal
The Death of the forest 57 kb 589
I. The Jungles from South East Asia, Central Africa and South America, are eing destroyed by chemicals, cut down and burnt at the rate of 2 square kilometers a minute. II. Loss of forest means loss of cloud cover and rain, which consequently causes a change of climate.III. It has been hoped t
A letter to Santa Claus 12 kb 627
"But how" - his little brother and sisters would ask him innocently? "Well, through the chimney of course", he'd answer in a heart beat, just as if he was one of the funny little elves. So - he thought - all I need is some stationery a pen and an envelope and we're good to go. His letter to
Tactici informationale in managementul investigatiei penale 23 kb 99
Dezvoltarea unei "panza de paianjen" - Word Wide Web (sau Web),in conextul evolutiei informaticii este considerate drept un factor tehnologic decisive pentru ceea ce denumim globalizare,alaturi de factori cum sunt globalizarea economica si globalizarea economica.2 Tehnicile si sistemele
Broadcasting - Radio and Television 4162 kb 2
Broadcasting is a crucial instrument of modern social and political organization. At its peak of influence in the mid-20th century, radio and television broadcasting was employed by political leaders to address entire nations. Because of radio and television's capacity to reach and influence
Tourism in the North East Region 1430 kb 555
Referat despre Tourism in the North East Region Main tourist attractions in Northeast Region Mountain Carpathian Mountains, at the western border of the region is covered by alpine meadows and forests rich in flora and fauna. A full range of mountain sports can be practiced in this region:
Problems of youth in Great Britain 10 kb 162
Youth Organizations in Great Britain Youth and youth movement have become important factors in the life of the country. Numerous youth organizations have been formed since the Second World War, uniting young people from all classes and sections of the population. There are about 60 youth organiza